Water Proofing

Water Proofing

Waterproofing has been in business. We have pioneered in this field with excellent track record with our clients, with highly qualified engineers, experienced man power and total back up offices.

The system includes:
  • Terrace Water Proofing
  • Bathroom Waterproofing
  • Repair section
  • Water tanks

We provide our services with a foremost objective to offer international standards services at affordable price range suitable to clients' budget. We believe in complete satisfaction of customers, hence the project is handled with keen attention to the specific requirements of customers. Experts associated with us co-ordinate with each member involved in the project to complete it successfully.

We are efficient to handle all types of Water Proofing projects with the commitment of hundred percent satisfactory results.

Swimming Pool Repair and Waterproofing

Swimming pool repair and waterproofing or "underground concrete water tank" requires that the coating and sealants must be capable of retaining a great amount of "negative hydrostatic pressure". We provide quality and durable swimming pool waterproofing services.

Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing is subject to very demanding conditions. The waterproofing must be weather resistant, watertight and resistant to foot traffic. Furthermore due to the high degree of thermal movement in these areas any system used must be crack bridging.

Terraces are another area of concern with regard to waterproofing. It often happens in homes that rainwater or water leaking from the overhead water tanks spoils the flooring of the terrace and even seeps through the roof of the floor underneath. As in the case of basements, there are various materials that can be used to effectively waterproof the terrace floor.

We offer effective solutions in terrace waterproofing. Before commencing any waterproofing measure for the terrace, ensure that the structure is complete and the work on rainwater pipes and electric conduits is over. Dampness or moisture can prove very damaging to any construction. A lot of money can get wasted due to unexpected seepage of water into walls or woodwork. Sometimes the presence of moisture can even corrode the steel framework, thus placing the whole structure at risk.

In order to safeguard your precious construction and also to avoid future inconvenience, it is highly important to take strict measures to waterproof your house.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathrooms are the major wet area in the house and it is important that the bathroom is correctly waterproofed in order to reduce the risk of structural damage occurring as a result of dampness, water leaks, or condensation. However, to provide the best insurance against water damage, it is a good idea to go beyond these minimum requirements and ensure that all of the walls within the shower recess are waterproofed as well as the entire bathroom floor.

Basement Waterproofing

Now is the time for you and your family to stop suffering the effects of continued wet or damp basement problems! With a decade of experience in the waterproofing, Sanjana Enterprises has the expertise to solve all of your basement water problems with reliable service and proven results.

From water intrusion, dampness, musty odors, mold and structural issues, we will implement only the most effective methods in the industry. There will be no shortcuts in procedure or using low quality materials or unproven, ineffective products. We are a professionals in business that is very "hands-on," designing a solution specifically tailored to your home's particular needs.

We will show you how to achieve a drier, healthier, more useful basement or crawl space with a written guarantee for as long as you own your home and is transferable to future owners of your property.