Onduline Roofing

Onduline Roofing Sheets & Tiles

Onduline Roofing Sheet

Onduline sheets are extremely tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing and wall cladding material manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibers under extreme heat and pressure. Today our roofing systems are used widely across the world from the tropics to the arctic for residential, commercial, light industrial and agricultural applications

Length Width Area Per Sheet Thickness Weight Colour
2000mm 950mm 1.9sq mtr 3mm 6.4kg(3.3 kgpersqmtr) Red, green, brown & black

Onduvilla Roofing Tiles

Onduvilla corrugated tiles are designed to give roofs a pleasant look reminiscent of traditional clay tiles, while at the same time being extremely light. An Exclusive 3 tone painting system ensures a natural texture on the tiles. These tiles are made of a single layer of organic fibers and bitumen combined with resin.

Length Width Thickness Wave Height Weight per tile
40cms 106cms 3mm 40mm 1.27 kg
Advantage for your roof
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
  • Resistant to corrosion –does not rust, rot or become brittle.
  • Does not break during transportation and in-stallion
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Light weight – 6.4 kg / sheet of area 1.9 Sq mtr
  • Available in a range in a range of environmentally sensitive colors
  • Easy to cut shape & install