Fibre Cement Plank & Boards

Fibre Cement Planks

Fibre Cement Plank is a unique fiber cement composite of natural fibers bonded tightly in a high–grade silicate siding acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. It is neither Cellulose chem. asbestos fiber glass fibers nor formaldehyde.

Fibre Cement Plank's embedded beauty with added resistance against fire, termite, and moisture make it an apt material for varying application in flooring, siding ceiling and roofing.

  • Weather resistance, Immune to water damage, Fire resistance
  • Sound Insulation, Not Brittle, Low Shrinkage
  • Termite resistance, High workability, Non - Asbestos
Design Types
Size of Planks
Thickness Width Length Weight Sqr Mtr
8mm 150mm 3000mm 5.40Kg 2.67
Application Areas
Gate Covering Wall Cladding Front Elevation Elevation facade Duct Covering False Ceiling Use to anywhere, etc...

Fibre Cement Boards

Fibre Cement board Product Collection, articulated from green concept, is offered from insightful understanding about our consumer requirement.

Fibre Cement board offers the best substitution to natural wood with a contemporary range of green products suitable for all modern & classical constructions.

Fibre Cement board's embedded beauty with added resistance against fire, termite, and moisture makes it an apt material for varying applications in flooring, siding, ceiling and roofing

Decorative Boards Design Types
  • Rocoo
  • Stucco
  • Cassiano
  • Cassia
  • Blossom
  • Drop
  • Rain
Size available – 6mm thick – 1220mm x2440mm
Flexy Boards
Thickness Width Length Weight
3.2mm 1220mm 2440mm 15.00Kg
4.5mm 1220mm 2440mm 18.61Kg
6mm 1220mm 2440mm 27.91Kg
8mm 1220mm 2440mm 37.30Kg
10mm 1220mm 2440mm 46.51Kg
12mm 1220mm 2440mm 55.82Kg
15mm 1220mm 2440mm 65.96Kg
3.2mm 1220mm 2440mm 15.00Kg
18mm 1220mm 2440mm 79.15Kg
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