False Ceiling Tiles

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles are in the market for the past 30 Years. They are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheets and are embossed in three dimensions, and then artwork is created with various colors, effects and process to create an outstanding look, and the combination of the above results in an extraordinary incomparable appearance.

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles are available in convenient size of 2x2 foot and are available in 70+ beautiful designs ( new designs coming up every week ! ) and in hundreds of color shades and finishes, with combination of 2 or more colors gives you a look of a custom made ceiling for your project at fraction of the cost. You may enjoy Antique Metal Look, Wood-like effects that resemble real wooden grains, Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.), Pearl shine etc., all of which create stylish and unrivaled beauty, which can not be possible to create with other ceiling tile products.

The Decorative Ceiling Tiles can be fixed on any Hard Plain Surface with any good quality rubber base adhesive. Or, these can be installed directly in a T-Grid System to create a False / Suspended / Drop Ceiling. These can be used in Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Business complexes, etc. Their quality and economical value are exceptional. All the Designs Are Available In All The Colors!

Environment Friendly and Recyclable Tin Look & No Metal Echo! Cuts With Scissors
Affordable Will Not Rust Light Weight
Class "A" Fire Rated Long lasting & Durable Widest range to choose from
Partly replaceable Color-able (Any good quality paint) No Fungus & Termite Effect
Convenient Size 2' x 2' Washable (with mild detergent) Weatherproof
Waterproof Lightweight Dust-proof
Dimensionally stable Easy, Quick & Inexpensive to fix Non-flammable
No static (will not create static electricity, as other plastic does)

POP False Ceiling

Ceilings offer the largest unobstructed view of a room and are the first thing people usually notice when they enter a building. As a result, the ceiling is an important element of room design and defines it's aesthetics. Since a ceiling has a large surface area, it plays an important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a room.

Gyproc is a pioneer and world leader in false ceilings and offers a wide range of options:

  • Gypsum plasterboard-based false ceilings
  • Ecophon acoustic ceiling tiles (made of glass wool)
  • Grid ceiling tiles using materials as diverse as gypsum, mineral fibre and metal
Benefits of False Ceiling

False ceilings are the preferred choice of discerning customers because they offer several benefits, including:

  • Better aesthetics and designs
  • Concealment of wires and services, reducing visual clutter
  • Superior thermal insulation, reducing heat
  • Lower power costs because of reduced air-conditioning loads
  • Better acoustic comfort by reducing noise